Intergrating solar technology naturally into our everyday lives

Current Table


Current table is a new kind of energy source within the home or office. Its glass surface is engineered from integrated solar cells that use the property of colour to create an electrical current, just like photosynthesis.

The dye-sensitised solar cells also work efficiently under diffuse light — effectively making it the first piece of furniture to harvest energy indoors.

With no cables, Current Table is self sufficient and can be used to charge your devices.

Current Window


Current Window uses the latest solar cell technology to generate electricity from daylight.

Its dye-sensitised solar cells work much like the process of photosynthesis, turning the properties of colour into an electrical current for devices and appliances.

Its entirely scalable too, so more surface area means more energy harvested.

About Caventou

Caventou was founded by Marjan van Aubel in 2015. Marjan is an award-winning designer of materials and objects. A graduate of the Royal College of Art Design Products (MA) Programme, her work has spanned the fields of science and chemistry. Marjan has exhibited at London's V&A Museum and Design Museum, and was awarded the Swarovski Young emerging design talent medal in 2015. She also exhibits work in the permanent collection of MoMA and the Vitra Design Collection.

Together with Peter Krige and Samira Ann Qassim they form Caventou's founding triangle. Peter focusses on the technology development while Samira grows the business. They recently got awarded a Wallpaper Design Award and were chosen as a Dutch Radical Pioneer, for their innovative radical ideas.

Awards & Press

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